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48 products

NAAVIV’s Latest Range 

We are here to update your wardrobe. For that, we got to update our store. And so, we promise to introduce new collections timely. 

Now, don’t wait to follow a trend. Instead, find out what’s trending here. The team of innovators we have is committed to ideate and innovate. 

Enjoy the convenience of shopping the trend that goes viral online. 

What’s in Our Exclusive Collection? 

Our team works day and night to get your dream outfit ready. Our exclusive collection has everything you have never seen before and everything that you always wanted. Our research team is indulged in finding trends of each type of lifestyle, and our designing team is indulged in making it an ever-lasting experience for you. When you shop from NAAVIV, you receive a dress with detailed perfection. 

We are the one-stop destination to flaunt your style with designer dresses.  

Sets & Dresses  - Don’t Settle for Anything Less 

We know it’s hard to find the match - be it a Tinder, or bottom wear for your kurta. 

Say no more! We can help you with both. 

Enjoy stress-free shopping, and don’t rush yourself in finding the perfect match. We have already sorted this out for you. 

Watch out for NAAVIV’s Kurta Sets right here and get your unique style, talking. 

(Oh well! We know you will love these dresses, and that you will look great in them, that your crush can’t resist.)  

What are Sets? And Why Do You Need Them? 

A Kurta Set is a pair of top and bottom wears directly created by a designer. You do not have to worry about what goes well with what - whether you need a pant, palazzo, skirt, or something else.

Our designers craft Kurta Sets with specific details to deliver a perfect fashionable appearance.

Are Sets and Co-Ords the same?

YES! Co-ord sets are another name for Sets or Kurta Sets. More specifically, Co-ord sets are such sets of clothing curated to complement the attire with the use of similar fabric material, matching or contrasting colors, patterns, or designs that showcase the best aspect of the outfit. Naaviv Co-ord sets range from Kurta Pant sets, Kurta Palazzo sets, Kurta sets with dupatta as well as Kurta set styled with Jacket.

The Timeless Beauty of Co-ord Sets

Fashion may change with time, but the beauty of ethnic co-ord's can never go out of style. With the amalgamation of modern trends in ethnic silhouettes, Naaviv aims to deliver the best in quality, style, and comfort. Co-ord's from Naaviv are certain to complete your look on any day whether you opt it for your workwear, or you mark your presence on a festive eve. Co-ord sets on festive days go hand in hand, fast to choose yet impactful enough to keep you the cynosure of the day.


Reasons to Own a Co-ord Set:

Effortlessly Quick:

Matching the top and bottom wear can always be time taking, Instead of having the advantage to just pick and wear is a great option in your engaged day-to-day lifestyle. You save ample of your time on not choosing what your top or bottom contrasts with instead even you can be ready to go at a half-hour notice and the added advantage you always get on festive days, being quick with your clothing leaves many other perks in the background even for preparations or having some more quality time with your family.

Always In Vogue

Co-ord sets are always the first choice in the mind and they are perpetually evergreen for every occasion, be it from a wedding ritual to an evening ensemble or work or casual wear, their style and elegance remains irreplaceable in your fashion closet as they come with an ease of wearing but simultaneously fetches you bundles of compliments. 


Naaviv’s set of Co-ord sets will indeed prove versatile for wardrobe, you can put on the outfit for a casual day out on resort or carry it with elegance on an evening dinner and not to mention wearing the dress as-set is an individual choice you can always experiment for mix and match. 

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